Supply Chain Insights

Below is a selection of supply chain insights written by AI’s subject matter experts on a variety of industry topics. These papers offer insights into quality control issues globally based on our research and analysis. AI continually produces new content, so be sure to check back regularly.

Structural Safety: the Life and Death Question of Your Supply Chain
In-depth analysis of the state of structural safety around the globe
Omnichannel Retail and the Quality Risk
How quality control at the source can help prevent costly product returns for retailers.
5 Reasons Why Millennial-Focused Brands Cannot Afford to Ignore Social Responsibility
Read about the growing importance of Gen Y and social responsibility for your brand.
Will Consumer Awareness Put an End to Modern Slavery?
Slavery is not a thing of the past.
Ethical Supply Chains an Investment, Not a Cost
Read about why it makes economic sense to build an ethical supply chain.
The Five Golden Rules to a Successful QC Outsourcing Program
Quality Control best practices from the world's largest brands and retailers
Ethical Audits White Paper
Read about the processes and criteria involved in a successful ethical audit program.

Quick Guide: Azo Dyes and the Risk to Retailers and Consumers
Best practice standards to ensure compliance throughout your supply chain.
AI Technical Update: How to Avoid Mold in Your Garments
A best practice approach for preventing product loss in garments and apparel.
Textile & Garment Brands: Tips for Avoiding Bug Infestations in Your Products
Learn how to prevent bug infestations and protect yourself against product loss.

Eyewear Testing to European Directives
Watch our presentation and learn more about the safety and compliance of eyewear and PPE.

How an Innovative Toy Company Ensured the Safety of its Products
A case study on how a European toy company worked with AI to implement a comprehensive QC program.

How a Spanish Seafood Importer Reduced Its Supply Chain Risk in Asia
A Madrid-based importer implemented a detailed quality control program to protect their brand against poor-quality seafood.
Quick Guide: How to Prevent Foodborne Viruses
Learn about types and sources of foodborne viruses, and how to prevent them in your food supply chain.
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